The ADCS Laboratory at UCSD banks human tissues from ADCS clinical trials.

To place a specific request, please fill out the Data Access and Sample Request form in order to request the clinical trial sample(s) you are interested in and the type of samples needed for analysis.

If you have questions regarding the Data Access and Sample Request form or the samples available, please contact

Material Transfer Agreement

In addition to the Data Access and Sample Request form linked above, a material transfer agreement (MTA) must also be completed before samples can be shared.

ADCS investigators requesting human tissue, blood, or plasma are not required to complete a material transfer agreement if they are requesting samples that were collected during clinical trials they directly participated in for research related to the trial.

Requests for DNA, urine, or CSF require MTAs regardless of participation.

Non-ADCS Investigators are required to complete an MTA for all tissue requests.

If you have any questions, please contact