At the moment, the ADCS is not accepting new site applications.

When new protocols are seeking sites, we will announce them below, along with an application.

The ADCS conducts clinical trials in all phases of Alzheimer’s disease research such as pre-clinical phase, mild cognitive impairment, and dementia. A diagnosis is usually part of the entry criteria to clinical trials. Therefore, ADCS disease experts assist its sites to meet rigorous criteria in diagnosing different stages of AD. These disease experts include neurologists, psychiatrists, or geriatricians, although other specialties may have this expertise as well.

Typically, sites recruit from large practices who treat community dwelling elders, which are often associated with memory clinics or other geriatric services. It is important to note that most trials require participants to have “study partners” who take part in the study procedures.

Many of our trials require sites to have the capacity to conduct biomarker studies, which include sample and data collection from lumbar punctures and neuroimaging. Additionally, the ADCS uses distributed data entry, so sites must have the capability to access the Internet in order to make electronic data submissions. In considering a new study site, the ADCS evaluates the convenience and proximity to maximize data collection with these technologies.