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About Dr. Paul S. Aisen

Paul S. Aisen M.D.

Director, Alzheimer's Disease Cooperative Study

Professor, Department of Neurosciences, UCSD

Paul Aisen has been conducting therapeutic research on Alzheimer's disease for the past two decades. Dr. Aisen received his BA in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from Harvard in 1975, and his medical degree from Columbia in 1979. He completed residency training in Internal Medicine at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland and Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York, and then fellowship training in Rheumatology at New York University. After serving as Chief Medical Resident at Mount Sinai, he began a solo practice in Internal Medicine and Rheumatology in New York City. Dr. Aisen maintained a close affiliation with Mount Sinai, and joined the full-time faculty in 1994. His research interests, stemming from his background in rheumatology, geriatric medicine and dementia, included inflammatory mechanisms in the brain and novel therapeutic strategies for Alzheimer's disease. He began collaborative studies with the Alzheimer's Disease Cooperative Study (ADCS) in the early 1990's.

Dr. Aisen joined the faculty at Georgetown University in 1999 as Professor in the Departments of Neurology and Medicine. That year, he founded the Memory Disorders Program, a clinical and research program for Alzheimer's disease and related disorders. He continued basic research studies on therapeutic targets and biomarkers of AD and designed and directed multicenter therapeutic trials. Dr. Aisen was appointed Associate Director of the ADCS in 2003. He became Vice Chair of the Department of Neurology at Georgetown in 2004. He has collaborated extensively with the biotech and pharmaceutical industries for many years.

Following the tragic death of ADCS founder Leon Thal, M.D. in early 2007, Dr. Aisen relocated to UCSD to assume the position of Director of the ADCS and Professor of Neurosciences.

Dr. Aisen's Selected Publications